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3D Gecko D07 Putter • Black

3D Gecko D07 Putter • Black

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3D Gecko Series

D07 Putter

The Gecko D07 is a full-mallet designed for stability. It is a standout of this design due to the utilization of 100% milling and the 3D Multi-Material Face. Choose between 3 different style necks to fit your stroke: single bend, plumbers neck, and single bend. 

Customizable Weighting

Gecko Face

3D Gecko Muti-Material face mimics the hands of a Gecko with an aluminum and TPU insert, produced with 3D printing. This allows the Gecko series to create more friction during impact creating tighter forward roll and better vibration dampening.

Designed to be square

Proprietary TFF Face

Designed and patented groove technology for more friction on the clubface, to catch the ball for more forward roll.

CNC for Square Alignment

100% CNC Milled perpendicular sights designed to square your eyes.

Alignment dot is placed to easily align your eyes over the ball.

Customizable Weights for Customization

With Fully Adjustable Weights for Swingweight Customization.


The Gecko series offers a variety of necks available at your preference,

With 3 different lengths at 33”, 34”, 35” Inches

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